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About the Mediator

About the Mediator

Anthony J. Libassi M.S., C.R.C., is a trained mediator specializing in Divorce and Custody matters. He serves as a mediator for Lackawanna County Family Court and has been instrumental in developing mediation programs from several phases of Family Court. Mr. Libassi presents the Kids First Program, a four hour parent education class, in several counties in Pennsylvania. He brings over twenty five years of experience of working with families to his mediation practice.

About Mediation

About Mediation

Mediation is a conflict resolution process where a neutral person helps people to reach agreements. Mediators provide a controlled setting for face-to-face negotiation, focus discussion on issues that need to be resolved, help participants generate realistic settlement options, and prepare written agreements that clarify expectations and obligations. Mediators do not make judgements or decisions, give legal advice, or provide psychological counseling.


Kids First Program

The Kids First classes are provided to parents to help their children cope with separation, divorce, and family conflict. Parents are presented with information on how parental relationships have a direct effect on children and how children might respond at different ages. They will learn what parents in conflict do that hurts children and, more importantly, will learn what they can do to help their children to adjust to the changes in their family.